The Imaginarium
Hello Sweetie

My name is Lyndi, I'm from South Jersey, 29 years old. Cis-gendered, bisexual female.

Welcome to my multi-fandom blog. I reblog most things Marvel and DC, Doctor Who, LOTR/Hobbit, anime, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Korean pop music, Renaissance, Victorian, cats, pugs, anti-Republican, and other geekery.

You should also expect pictures of my two sons along with scattered text posts that generally mean nothing.

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❝ The bisexual community is the only entity defining what bisexual actually means. You are nothing but a tourist borrowing our terminology. ❞

- Bi-Trans Activist in answer to yet another self-styled "LGBT" group insisting that Gay Men and Lesbian Women have both the right to dictate what it means to be Bisexual and the right to disregard what the actual Bisexual Community historically says it is. (via bialogue-group)

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